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The tallest rappers have always bragged about their height within music as it demonstrates masculinity and strength and we all know women love tall men. Our editorial will cover all the tallest rappers within the game and we bet you know a few!

Here are Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop

Young Thug – 6’ 3” (1.92m)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (1)

Since Young Thug’s debut his height has been a great level of interest as the majority of photos feature him taller than his peers whilst also only being slightly shorter than some professional NBA athletes.

Young Thug’s height has been recorded at 6’3 which automatically places him on the tallest list.

The above image featuring himself and Lil Baby is a perfect representation of Thug stood beside someone who just about passes the average male height standard which is 5’9.

The tallest of rappers within the industry take up basketball as a hobby and past time and its clear to see why, there stature is their advantage!

Jack Harlow – 6’ 3” (1.92m)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (2)

Outside of his musical talent we have noticed his height forming a large part of his personal brand which is a result of the rapper being 6’3.

At this height were able to see Jack tower over most men as well as his rap peers. Previously we were able to see the rapper in a new balance photoshoot featuring NBA player Kawhi Leonard.

Yes Kawhi is clearly taller, however we know all the difference between the professional athlete and a short rapper would be wider.

For further context the average NFL player stands at 6’2 making Jack taller than this, our point being his stature is suitable for various world stage sports and the ideal size most men aspire to be.

A person’s height is primarily influenced by genetics which is a great indicator for their height and their offspring. Let’s see how tall his children get when he has some!

Machine Gun Kelly – 6’ 3” (1.92m)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (3)

Machine gun Kelly, real name Colson Baker, enjoyed an incredible rise to fame for his musical abilities and unique style (more on that in a bit). He’s best known for his rapid-fire lyrical flow, which is probably also the inspiration for his stage name – Machine gun Kelly. Kelly’s started rapping in high school and quickly gained a large local following after releasing mixtapes. One of these tapes. “Stamp of Approval” was especially successful, and it inspired him to start a music career.

He signed a deal with Bad Boy and Interscope records 5 years later, and his debut album in 2012 received critical acclaim. “Lace up” debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200 chart, and had popular singles like ’Stereo’ ‘Wild Boy’ and ‘Hold On (Shut Up)’. He followed it with a second studio album, ‘ General Admission’ that released toward the end of 2015 and reached number on the billboard 200 and number one on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

The artist seems taller than most because of his slim body. However, most of the tallest rappers list typically ranks MGK near the bottom.

The Game – 6’ 3” (1.92m)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (4)

The first time Jayceon Terrell Taylor talked about his height on twitter, he told everyone on that he was 6’ 4”. Not long after, he raised that figure to 6’ 5”. He must have been joking because he eventually claimed that he could reach 6’ 6” by standing on his wallet.nThe correct figure is 6’ 3”,

G Eazy – 6’ 3” (1.92m)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (5)

G Eazy once said on twitter that he was 6’ 4”. He wasn’t being honest, but people believed him because his claim wasn’t that far off from the truth. He actually stands at 6’ 3”, which is a respectable height that earns him a decent rank among the tallest rappers.

Born Gerald Earl Gillum, G Eazy came to fame in 2014 when his first major-label album climbed to the third position on the US Billboard 200 Chart. He has a decent reputation among hip-hop fans, many of whom appreciate the work he has done to help young people in the Bay Area.

G Eazy attracted some legal heat in 2021 after allegedly attacking two men. Three years earlier, Swedish police arrested him on suspicion of possessing and using narcotics.

Waka Flocka – 6’ 4” (1.93m)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (6)

For a time, people thought that Waka Flocka was 6’ 7”. But that is not true. On Twitter, he said he was 6’ 5”, which is closer to the actual figure. Born Juaquin James Malphurs, the rapper’s mother was Gucci Mane’s manager. His name comes from Fozzie Bear, a Muppets character best known for the phrase ‘Wocka Wocka.’

Gucci Mane added ‘Flocka Flame’ to his name after his debut single ‘O Let’s Do it’ reached Number 62 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 2009. His debut album performed even better, debuting at number 6 (US Billboard 200).

Initially, Flocka’s relationship with Gucci Mane was strong. Things changed when Gucci Mane fired the rapper’s mother. Though, they have repeatedly claimed that their relationship is solid.

Snoop Dog – 6’ 4” (1.93m)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (7)

Snoop Dog has enjoyed a lucrative career spanning decades. Born Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr., Snoop had a contentious relationship with the law before finally dedicating his life to hip-hop. Renowned for his associations with celebrities like David Beckham, Prince William, and even Martha Stewart, Snoop Dog is one of the tallest rappers around

At 6’4”, he falls short of the 6’7” average for NBA players, but he towers over most of his peers in the hip-hop arena.

Wiz Khalifa – 6’ 4” (1.93m)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (8)

Khalifa often underestimates his own height. He told a magazine in 2014 that he was 6’ 2”. But he changed his estimate to 6’ 4” in a radio interview later on. Because of his lean build, you don’t have to convince anyone that Khalifa is one of the tallest rappers around. He looks the part.

Born Cameron Jabril Thomaz, Khalifa appeared on the hip-hop scene in 2006 when he released his debut album (Show and Prove). After signing with Warner Bros. Records, his star continued to rise. Some people took offense with his radio-friendly turn when he released ‘Black and Yellow’ with Atlantic Records, but many others appreciated his evolution.

Stormzy – 6’ 5” (1.95m)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (9)

Whilst most entries on the tallest rappers list feature U.S rappers we must make an exception for the UK’s very own Stormzy.

At 6’5 Stormzy over towers the majority of his peers which he has bragged about in various freestyles.

The image above featuring Charlamagne tha God represents what the average male would look like stood beside him.

For further context the average NBA players height has been billed at 6’6 making Stormzy just an inch shorter than this.

2 Chainz – 6’ 5” (1.95m)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (10)

You don’t need to tell 2 Chainz that he’s tall. Before climbing the ranks in the hip-hop arena, Tauheed K. Epps was a 10th-grade basketball player for North Clayton High.

In a 2009 conversation with Nicki Minaj, he referred to himself as a ‘Real Tall Black Man’ after calling Minaj a ‘Tiny, petite girl.’ On Twitter, he told everyone he was 6’ 5”, which is true.

Before becoming a solo act, 2 Chainz was one part of ‘Playaz Circle,’ a Southern hip-hop duo that Ludacris signed to his label. 2 Chainz joined Def Jam Recordings as a solo artist in 2013, releasing his debut studio album that same year.

Dave East – 6’ 5” (1.97m)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (11)

The last time anyone asked Dave East about his height, he said he was 6’ 5”, which is true. Born David Lawrence Brewster, Dave East was an athlete playing football and basketball at Springbrook High School. He also played basketball at Towson University. His issues with the coaching staff influenced his decision to leave the university. He soon turned to rap and in 2014, ‘Black Rose,’ Dave’s 8th mixtape, caught the attention of Nas, who signed the rapper to his label.

The rapper’s 11th mixtape rose to number 9 on the billboard 200 chart with the help of featured artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Christ Brown. Dave has appeared in shows and movies like ‘Being Mary Jane,’ ‘Beats,’ and Hulu’s ‘Wu-Tang.’

Yung Gravy– 6’6 (1.98)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (12)

At 6’6 Yung Gravy stands as one of the tallest rappers in the industry and thats clear to see in the image above.

The average NBA player stands at 6’6 which is why Yung Gravy’s height has been an area of interest.

For more context the NBA statesKarl Anthony Towns heightat 6’11 which could see the pair of them pairing on court together.

Slim Thug – 6’ 6” (1.98m)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (13)

Coming in at 6’ 4” Slim thug (Stayve Jerome Thomas) is unusually tall. He started rap at age 12, and earned his stage name a few years later, because, Well… He was very tall and lanky. I know that explains only part of his name, but the rest is easy to explain too. See, he wore corn rolls and sun glasses a lot, so people who saw him always thought he was a thug. Yeah, it’s that simple.

Thug’s debut album, released in 2005 with Star Trek Entertainment and Interscope records, was a stunning success. It premiered at Number 2 on Billboard 200 albums chart and sold 130,000 copies in is first week. the album featured contributions from artists like Bun B, T.I., and Pharrell Williams.

Besides his musical success, slim has make contributions to the society through Philanthropic projects like Boss Life Construction, where he offered to build a home for one lucky family that had lost theirs in Hurricane Harvey.

Slim Dunkin – 6’ 8” (2.03m)

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop of all time (2023 List) | Heartafact (14)

Slim Dunkin is one of the tallest wrappers to have ever lived. It’s so sad that he died young.

He was in studio, preparing to record a video when an altercation broke out, and someone shot him in the chest. Dunkin’s death shocked the hip-hop community. If you had seen him before his death, he would have been one of the tallest rappers you have ever met, if not the tallest.

And there you have it. These are the tallest rappers in the business. The next time a rapper tries to claim the title of tallest, you can point them towards this list.

Right that’s enough talk about the tall rappers, here’s the shortest rappers in Hip Hop

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