NBA Roster Survey: Facts to know for the 2022-23 season (2023)

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The NBA's annual survey of opening-night rosters is full of interesting facts to know.

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NBA Roster Survey: Facts to know for the 2022-23 season (1)

LeBron James (left) and Giannis Antetokounmpo square off in game from the 2021-22 season.

The 2022-23 NBA Roster Survey was released on Tuesday. The annual look at opening-night rosters is filled with information, including this season’s average height (6-foot-6.74), weight (217.62 pounds), experience (4.46 seasons) and age (26.01 years old) of an NBA player. These averages make Memphis Grizzlies guard/forward Dillon Brooks this season’s “Composite Player” — the NBA player who most closely resembles the average NBA player.

See below for all of the topics covered in the 2022-23 NBA Roster Survey.

Who is the tallest player in the NBA?

• Houston Rockets center Boban Marjanović is the tallest player on 2022-23 start-of-season rosters at 7-foot-4-inches. The next tallest player is 7-foot-3 forward/center Kristaps Porziņģis of the Washington Wizards.

What is the average height of an NBA player?

• Entering the 2022-23 season, the average height for an NBA player is 6-foot-6.74-inches.

How much does the average NBA player weigh?

• Entering the 2022-23 season, the average weight for an NBA player is 217.62 pounds.

What is the average age of an NBA player?

• Entering the 2022-23 season, the average age for an NBA player is 26.01 years old.

Who is the youngest player in the NBA?

• Detroit Pistons rookie center Jalen Duren is the youngest player on NBA start-of-season rosters at 18 years old. He turns 19 on Nov. 18. The second- and third-youngest players are 19-year-old rookies who were born one day apart: New York Knicks guard Trevor Keels (born Aug. 26, 2003) and Atlanta Hawks forward AJ Griffin (born Aug. 25, 2003). They were teammates at Duke last season.

Who is the oldest player in the NBA?

• Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem is the oldest player on 2022-23 start-of-season rosters at 42 years old. Golden State Warriors guard/forward Andre Iguodala is the second oldest player at 38 years old. Four players are 37 years old: Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, Philadelphia 76ers forward P.J. Tucker, Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul and Washington Wizards forward Taj Gibson.

What are the youngest teams in the NBA?

• The Oklahoma City Thunder enter the 2022-23 season as the youngest team in the NBA by age, with the average player 23.14 years old.

  • Oklahoma City Thunder – 23.14
  • Houston Rockets – 23.58
  • San Antonio Spurs – 23.84
  • Orlando Magic – 23.94
  • Memphis Grizzlies – 24.27
  • Charlotte Hornets – 24.60
  • Portland Trail Blazers – 24.78
  • New York Knicks – 25.02
  • Detroit Pistons – 25.08
  • Indiana Pacers – 25.08
  • Atlanta Hawks – 25.23
  • Minnesota Timberwolves – 25.44
  • New Orleans Pelicans – 25.56
  • Utah Jazz – 25.86
  • Toronto Raptors – 25.88
  • Sacramento Kings – 25.97

What are the oldest teams in the NBA?

NBA Roster Survey: Facts to know for the 2022-23 season (2)

The Bucks’ and Rockets’ rosters are on vastly different ends of the average-age spectrum in the NBA.

• The Milwaukee Bucks enter the 2022-23 season as the oldest team in the NBA by age, with the average player 29.47 years old.

  • Milwaukee Bucks – 29.47
  • Miami Heat – 28.13
  • Phoenix Suns – 28.05
  • LA Clippers – 27.98
  • Dallas Mavericks – 27.89
  • Brooklyn Nets – 27.57
  • Boston Celtics – 27.48
  • Los Angeles Lakers – 27.15
  • Cleveland Cavaliers – 26.83
  • Chicago Bulls – 26.67
  • Golden State Warriors – 26.66
  • Denver Nuggets – 26.59
  • Philadelphia 76ers – 26.54
  • Washington Wizards – 26.26

Which players enter 2022-23 with the most experience?

NBA Roster Survey: Facts to know for the 2022-23 season (3)

LeBron James is embarking on his 19th season in the NBA.

Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem and Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James are tied for the longest NBA tenures on start-of-season rosters with 19 seasons played (entering 2022-23). Golden State Warriors guard/forward Andre Iguodala (18 seasons played) and Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul (17 seasons played) rank third and fourth in NBA experience.

Which teams have the most (and least) average number of seasons of NBA experience?

Rosters at the start of the 2022-23 season included 73 rookies and 66 players with 10 or more seasons of experience. Team experience ranges from 1.94 years (Oklahoma City Thunder) to 7.24 years (Milwaukee Bucks).

Here are the teams with the fewest average number of seasons of NBA experience:

  • Oklahoma City Thunder – 1.94
  • Houston Rockets – 2.29
  • Orlando Magic – 3.00
  • San Antonio Spurs – 3.06
  • Memphis Grizzlies – 3.12
  • Indiana Pacers – 3.18
  • Charlotte Hornets – 3.63
  • Atlanta Hawks – 3.69
  • Detroit Pistons – 3.82
  • New York Knicks – 3.88
  • New Orleans Pelicans – 3.88
  • Portland Trail Blazers – 3.93
  • Toronto Raptors – 4.06
  • Washington Wizards – 4.24
  • Sacramento Kings – 4.29
  • Minnesota Timberwolves – 4.31

Here are the teams with the highest average number of seasons of NBA experience:

  • Milwaukee Bucks – 7.24
  • LA Clippers – 6.56
  • Boston Celtics – 5.82
  • Brooklyn Nets – 5.65
  • Phoenix Suns – 5.56
  • Golden State Warriors – 5.50
  • Miami Heat – 5.50
  • Chicago Bulls – 5.35
  • Dallas Mavericks – 5.35
  • Los Angeles Lakers – 5.35
  • Cleveland Cavaliers – 5.13
  • Philadelphia 76ers – 5.06
  • Denver Nuggets – 5.00
  • Utah Jazz – 4.53

Which colleges have the most NBA players?

NBA Roster Survey: Facts to know for the 2022-23 season (4)

Phoenix’s Devin Booker (Kentucky) and Brooklyn’s Kyrie Irving (Duke) hail from 2 of the most popular colleges represented in the NBA.

Entering the 2022-23 season, Kentucky is the U.S. school with the most current NBA players (27) for the 11th consecutive year. Duke has the second-most players with 25 — up four from last season (21).

  • Kentucky – 27
  • Duke – 25
  • UCLA – 12
  • North Carolina – 11
  • USC – 11
  • Arizona – 10
  • Kansas – 10
  • Texas – 10

How many international players are in the NBA?

NBA Roster Survey: Facts to know for the 2022-23 season (5)

Nuggets standout Nikola Jokic is perhaps the best international player in the NBA today.

There are 120 international players from 40 countries and six continents are on NBA start-of-season rosters. NBA rosters feature a record number of players from Canada (22) and Australia (10) and a record-tying five players from Nigeria. The Toronto Raptors have an NBA-high eight international players, followed by the Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers and Sacramento Kings with seven each.

All 30 NBA teams have at least one international player.

How many G League players are in the NBA?

There are 234 players on NBA opening-night rosters with NBA G League experience, a record 47% of all players. The Brooklyn Nets have an all-time high 12 players with NBA G League experience. Every NBA team has at least four.

Eight G League Ignite alumni are on opening-night rosters: MarJon Beauchamp (Milwaukee Bucks), Dyson Daniels (New Orleans Pelicans), Michael Foster Jr. (Philadelphia 76ers), Jalen Green and Daishen Nix (Houston Rockets), Jaden Hardy (Dallas Mavericks), Jonathan Kuminga (Golden State Warriors) and Isaiah Todd (Washington Wizards).

What is the most popular jersey number in the NBA?

NBA Roster Survey: Facts to know for the 2022-23 season (6)

Chris Paul is 1 of the NBA’s most popular players and sports 1 of the league’s most popular jersey numbers.

Entering the 2022-23 season, the most common NBA jersey numbers are 3, 5 and 8.

  • 22 players each wear Nos. 3, 5 and 8.
  • 21 players each wear No. 11
  • 19 players each wear Nos. 0 and 7
  • 17 players each wear Nos. 1 and 4

Eight jersey numbers are worn by one player: No. 36 (Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart), No. 46 (Memphis Grizzlies guard John Konchar), No. 54 (Milwaukee Bucks forward Sandro Mamukelashvili), No. 67 (Washington Wizards forward Taj Gibson), No. 91 (Celtics forward Blake Griffin), No. 95 (Los Angeles Lakers forward Juan Toscano-Anderson), No. 97 (Oklahoma City Thunder forward Eugene Omoruyi) and No. 99 (Phoenix Suns forward Jae Crowder).

Across the NBA, 56 different jersey numbers are in use for the start of the season.

Three teams have both No. 0 and No. 00 in use: the Golden State Warriors with Donte DiVincenzo (0) and Jonathan Kuminga (00); the Indiana Pacers with Tyrese Haliburton (0) and Bennedict Mathurin (00); and the Utah Jazz with Talen-Horton Tucker (0) and Jordan Clarkson (00).

Last year, No. 3 was the most popular number with 23 players.

How many sets of brothers are in the NBA?

NBA Roster Survey: Facts to know for the 2022-23 season (7)

(From left) Aaron, Jrue and Justin Holiday are among several brothers in the NBA this season.

There are 13 sets of brothers on 2022-23 start-of-season rosters.

  • Antetokounmpo: Giannis (Bucks), Kostas (Bulls) and Thanasis (Bucks)
  • Ball: LaMelo (Hornets) and Lonzo (Bulls)
  • Champagnie: Julian (76ers) and Justin (Raptors)
  • Curry: Seth (Nets) and Stephen (Warriors)
  • Hernangomez: Juancho (Raptors) and Willy (Pelicans)
  • Holiday: Aaron (Hawks), Jrue (Bucks) and Justin (Hawks)
  • Jones: Tre (Spurs) and Tyus (Grizzlies)
  • Lopez: Brook (Bucks) and Robin (Cavaliers)
  • Martin: Caleb (Heat) and Cody (Hornets)
  • McDaniels: Jaden (Timberwolves) and Jalen (Hornets)
  • Mobley: Evan (Cavaliers) and Isaiah (Cavaliers)
  • Morris: Marcus (Clippers) and Markieff (Nets)
  • Wagner: Franz (Magic) and Moritz (Magic)
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