Buy Out In Tagalog - QnA (2023)

Buy Out In Tagalog - QnA (1)

ano ang tagalog ng what do you usually buy out of it?​

Daftar Isi

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1. ano ang tagalog ng what do you usually buy out of it?​


ano ang karaniwang nabibili mo rito?

2. pls translate to Tagalog/Filipino.It's great that the economy is growing and rebounding back from the hit it took from the COVID-19 pandemic. It's not there yet, but I'm optimistic about the situation.The government's plan to keep up the rise and recover by acceleration of the vaccineprogram is one I'm certainly looking forward to. If this pace continues, we're certainly recover.Further on, oil prices going to be still high or not is certainly another thing to watch out for, which the chief of the Natural Economic and Development authority said the country will be doing. They're saying they have it if it does go up, as I have no idea what they're talking about I'm going to trust them. Moving forward, Both industry and service sectors growing is positive, but agriculture growth being impeded and even pushed back by typhoons and the African swine fever is a shame. The rise in gross domestic product (GDP) is primarily driven by household consumption accounting for 5.2 percentage of overall GDP growth is great, I guess I'll have to buy more or something to help the economy.My reaction really isn't much of a reaction, but I certainly hope I'll understand most of these terms by the end of the school year.​


Napakaganda na ang ekonomiya ay lumalago at bumangon pabalik mula sa hit na kinuha nito mula sa pandemya ng COVID-19. Wala pa, pero optimistic ako sa sitwasyon.

Ang plano ng gobyerno na panatilihin ang pagtaas at pagbawi sa pamamagitan ng pagpapabilis ng bakuna

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ang programa ay isa na tiyak kong inaabangan. Kung magpapatuloy ang bilis na ito, tiyak na makakabawi tayo.

Dagdag pa, ang presyo ng langis ay magiging mataas pa rin o hindi ay tiyak na isa pang bagay na dapat bantayan, na sinabi ng hepe ng awtoridad ng Natural Economic and Development na gagawin ng bansa. Sinasabi nila na mayroon sila kung ito ay tumaas, dahil wala akong ideya kung ano ang kanilang pinag-uusapan tungkol sa pagtitiwalaan ko sila. Sa pasulong, parehong positibo ang paglago ng industriya at mga sektor ng serbisyo, ngunit ang paglago ng agrikultura ay nahahadlangan at itinutulak pa ng mga bagyo at African swine fever ay isang kahihiyan. Ang pagtaas sa gross domestic product (GDP) ay pangunahing hinihimok ng pagkonsumo ng sambahayan na nagkakahalaga ng 5.2 porsyento ng kabuuang paglago ng GDP, sa palagay ko kailangan kong bumili ng higit pa o isang bagay upang makatulong sa ekonomiya.

Ang aking reaksyon ay talagang hindi gaanong reaksyon, ngunit tiyak na inaasahan kong mauunawaan ko ang karamihan sa mga terminong ito sa pagtatapos ng taon ng pag-aaral.

3. Let's Try!Directions. Choose the letter of the correct answer1 What is the traditional Chinese dance that is usually seen during the Chinese New Yeard. Bali dancec. Snake danceCelebration ?a. Dragon danceb. Lion Dancethe movements of the river spirit in a flowing, rise and2. The dragon dance teamfall manner.a. Pantomimeb. Tableaud. Singsc. Mimics3. The Chinese people believe that performing the Lion and Dragon dancesa. makes the country more wealthy c. tells the people to reconcileb. drives the bad luck and evil spirits away d. makes the people more healthyevery Chinese New year or Spring festival4. Men and children usually weard. Saya and Barong Tagaloga. Balinese Costumes b. Kimonoc. Kung Fu Suits5 Which of the following props cannot be seen in Spring festival?a. Chinese Fansb. Chinese Lanterns c. Dragon Puppets d. Wayang Kulit Puppets6. When was the Chinese New Year originated?a. 1600-1046 BCb.1600-1056 BCc. 1600-1036 BCd. 1600-1086BC7. Which of the following is not the China's customs and traditions?a. Windows and doors will be decorated with red color paper-cuts and couplets with popularthemes of good fortune or happiness, wealth, and longevity.b People will pour out their money to buy presents, decoration, material, food, and clothingc Thoroughly cleanse the house, in order to sweep away any ill-fortune and to make way forgood incoming luck.d The family will end the night with singing and dancing.8 What do you call this dance as the highlight of Chinese New Year celebrations held worldwide inChina towns and around the world?a Fan Danceb. Dragon Dance c. Peacock Dance d. Sword Dance9 What is the longest and most important festivity in the Chinese calendar?a Fire cracker Festival b. Fan Decorations c. Chinese New Year d. Lunar Festivald.10 These are the common props used during the Dragon Dance, EXCEPT,a Dragon and Lion Puppetsc. Chinese fans and Chinese lanternsb Hat and Sticksd. Tambourines and Umbrellas​


1). A

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own answer ko yern, kung ayaw mo diwag


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